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History of Jesus Christ the human god

Contents of the History of Jesus Christ the Human God

Preface – The Human God

Part 1: The Genesis Jesus

Chapter 1: Genesis of the Atomic Universe
Chapter 2: The Word and the Two Trees
Chapter 3: What's in a Name?

Part 2: The Christmas Jesus

Chapter 4: Prophecy of the Birth of John, the Messenger of Jesus
Chapter 5: The Holy Spirit and the Seed of a Woman
Chapter 6: Mary Meets with Elizabeth
Chapter 7: The Birth of John the Baptist
Chapter 8: The Birth of the Human God Immanuel
Chapter 9: Gabriel Appears to Shepherds
Chapter 10: The Circumcision and Purification of Jesus
Chapter 11: Simon Prophecies about Jesus
Chapter 12: Hannah Prophecies about Jesus
Chapter 13: Visit of the Magi
Chapter 14: Flight into Egypt and the Slaughter of the Children
Chapter 15: The Life and Death of King Herod the Great (73 – 04 BC)

Part 3: History of the Child Jesus

Chapter 16: Jesus goes to Nazareth
Chapter 17: The Childhood of Jesus

Part 4: The Baptized Jesus

Chapter 18: John Begins His Ministry
Chapter 19: John Baptizes Jesus and God Declares Jesus His Son Jesus
Chapter 20: The Tempted Jesus

Part 5: The Pisces Jesus

Chapter 21: Andrew and Peter Find Jesus
Chapter 22: Fishers of Men

Part 6: The Miraculous Jesus

Chapter 23: Jesus Turns Water into Wine

Part 7: The Authoritative Jesus

Chapter 24: Jesus at the Passover

Part 8: The Jesus of Redemption

Chapter 25: You Must be Born Again
Chapter 26: John the Baptist Confirms that You Must Believe in Jesus

Part 9: The Imprisonment of John the Baptist

Chapter 27:  Herod Puts John in Prison
Chapter 28:
Jesus Preaches Repentance, the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation

Part 10: The Jesus of Living Water, the Samaritan Woman at the Well, Healing and Miracles

Chapter 29: Living Water
Chapter 30: Healing Comes with Believing
Chapter 31: A Bible study for Chapter 30

Part 11: The Fulfilled Prophecy of Jesus Christ the Messiah

Chapter 32: Jesus is Rejected in His Home Town

Part 12: Many are Miraculously Healed by God and Jesus and Demons Cast Out

Chapter 33: The Light of the World
Chapter 34: Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother-in-Law
Chapter 35: God Touches Humans
Chapter 36: Jesus Heals by Forgiving Sins

Part 13: Matthew

Chapter 37: Matthew the Tax Collector Becomes a Disciple of Jesus

Part14: Sin

Chapter 38: Go and Sin No More

Part 15: The Son of God

Chapter 39: Jesus Reveals That He is God's Son
Chapter 40: Lord of the Sabbath
Chapter 41: We Should Do Good on the Sabbath

Part 16a: The Disciples, the Enemy, Sin, How to Pray the Lords Prayer, Faith and Words to Live By

Chapter 42: The Disciples
Chapter 43: How to Utterly Destroy the Enemy, Or Have Fun Trying
Chapter 44: Jesus Condemns All Humans
Chapter 45: How to Pray the Lord's Prayer
Chapter 46: More Words to Live By
Chapter 47: Faith Heals

Part 16b: Raising the Dead, Love and Forgiveness, Blasphemy, Jesus the Word and Jesus Your Brother

Chapter 48: Jesus Raises a Dead Man
Chapter 49: John the Baptist Sends a Message to Jesus from Prison
Chapter 50: Give Love -- Receive Forgiveness
Chapter 51: Never, Never Ever Blaspheme the Holy Spirit
Chapter 52: Do You Need a Sign that Jesus is Real?
Chapter 53: Jesus' Word is like Seed
Chapter 54: Jesus Can be Your Brother

Part 17: Parables of Jesus

Chapter 55: The Purpose of Parables
Chapter 56: Jesus Explains the Parable of the Seed
Chapter 57: Four More Parables about the Kingdom of Heaven
Chapter 58: The Hidden Mysteries of the Parables Explained
Chapter 59: Jesus Puts His Parables into Action

Part 18: Jesus Calms the Storm and Saves a Demon Possessed Man

Chapter 60: Jesus is God of the Weather
Chapter 61: Demons Attack a Herd of Swine

Part 19: Fake Christians, the Illuminati and the New World Order

Chapter 62: Jesus Came to Invite Sinners
Chapter 63: The Disciples of John the Baptist

Part 20: Faith in Jesus Christ

Chapter 64: Touching Jesus
Chapter 65: How to Tell Others about Jesus

Part 21: John the Baptist Beheaded by King Herod Antipas, Jesus Feeds Five Thousand and Walks on Water

Chapter 66: John the Baptist is Beheaded
Chapter 67: Jesus feeds Five Thousand
Chapter 68: Violation of Natural Laws
Chapter 69: Bread and Water from Heaven

Part 22: Prayer, Faith, Miracles and Healing

Chapter 70: Religious Laws That Are Not Given by God
Chapter 71: The Key to Healing Is Faith
Chapter 72: Many More Are Healed
Chapter 73: Bread and Fishes Are Again Multiplied
Chapter 74: Jesus Is the Sign from Heaven
Chapter 75: Rabbis: Beware of the Teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees
Chapter 76: Healing a Blind Man
Chapter 77: Jesus is Lord
Chapter 78: Peter Tempts Jesus
Chapter 79: This Wicked and Adulterous Generation
Chapter 80: Shining Like the Sun
Chapter 81: Help My Unbelief

Chapter 82: "Ain't No Power on Earth Can Hold Me Down"
Chapter 83: A Coin in a Fishes' Mouth
Chapter 84: Guidelines for the Church
Chapter 85: Humans Simply Cannot Understand

PART 23: Yeshua Jesus the Good Shepherd at the Feast of the Tabernacles Teaching the Disciples to Follow, Love God and Thy Neighbor; the Good Samaritan

Chapter 86: Conflict during the Feast of the Tabernacles
Chapter 87: Throwing Stones
Chapter 88: Teachings during the Feast of the Tabernacles
Chapter 89: His Name is Yeshua
Chapter 90: Finding Fault with God
Chapter 91: Jesus' Sheep Know His Voice, and They Follow Him
Chapter 92: Preparing the Way
Chapter 93: Love God
Chapter 94: Those Whom You Think are Your Enemies Are Your Neighbors
Chapter 95: Sit at His Feet and Listen

Part 24: The End Times: Repent, Be Saved and Do Not Be Locked Out of the Kingdom of Heaven

Chapter 97: Jesus Warns the Pharisees
Chapter 98: Do Not Be Afraid of Those Who Would Kill You
Chapter 99: The Parable of the Rich Fool
Chapter 100: Anxiety
Chapter 101: Parable of the Watching Servants - - Be Ready
Chapter 102: Faithful and Unfaithful Servants
Chapter 103: Jesus Came to Divide Houses and Unite Families
Chapter 104: How to Discern the Times and How to Deal with Accusers
Chapter 105: The Barren Fig Tree and Jesus’ Call to Repentance
Chapter 106: Jesus Heals on the Sabbath
Chapter 107: What is the Kingdom of God Like?

 Part 25: Jesus Christ Teaches on Money, Marriage, Divorce, Hell, Discipleship and Heals the Ten Lepers, Blind Men and the Resurrection of Lazarus

Chapter 108: On the Way to Jesus’ Sacrifice He Predicts Two More Days Until His Crucifixion and His Return at the End Time
Chapter 109: Jesus Heals Again on the Sabbath and Teaches Manners
Chapter 110: The Cost of Discipleship
Chapter 111: The Return of the Seventy
Chapter 112: My Sheep Hear My Voice and I Know Them and They Follow Me
Chapter 113: Jesus Is Accused of Blasphemy
Chapter 114: Jesus Teaches on Marriage and Divorce
Chapter 115: The Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin and the Prodigal Son
Chapter 116: The Parable of the Dishonest Servant
Chapter 117: Money and Marriage
Chapter 118: Jesus’ Description of Hell
Chapter 119: Teaching on Sin, Forgiveness and Faith and Leadership
Chapter 120: Jesus Learns of Lazarus’ Death
Chapter 121: Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life
Chapter 122: Jesus Raises Lazar from the Dead
Chapter 123: The Pharisees and High Priest Caiaphas Plan to Kill Jesus
Chapter 124: Jesus Cleanses Ten Lepers
Chapter 125: When Will the Kingdom of God Come?
Chapter 126: The Jesus of Mercy
Chapter 127: Jesus, Lover of the Childlike
Chapter 128: Advice to the Rich
Chapter 129: Those Who Are Selected
Chapter 130: Jesus Again Predicts His Coming Crucifixion
Chapter 131: Who Will Be Great in the Kingdom?
Chapter 132: Jesus Reaches Jericho, and Blind Bartimaeus is Healed
Chapter 133: A Guest of Zaccai in Jericho
Chapter 134: The Parable Concerning Money
Chapter 135: Jesus Heals Two Blind Men
Chapter 136: Mary Again Anoints Jesus’ Feet
Chapter 137: Jesus Rides into Jerusalem on a Wild Colt
Chapter 138: The Barren Fig Tree

Part 26: Jesus at the Temple

Chapter 139: Jesus Casts the Businessmen Out of the Temple for the Second Time
Chapter 140: Jesus Teaches the Disciples How to Pray
Chapter 141: The High Priests, Scribes and Elders Challenge Jesus’ Authority
Chapter 142: The Parable of the Wicked Laborers
Chapter 143: Parable of the Wedding Feast for the King’s Son
Chapter 144: Caesar’s Due and the Murderous Opposition
Chapter 145: Resurrection after Death
Chapter 146: The Two Greatest Commandments
Chapter 147: Did Jesus’ Genealogy Go Back to David?
Chapter 148: Problems with Some Religious Leaders
Chapter 149: Jesus Continues to Denounce the Scribes and Pharisees
Chapter 150: The Widow’s Few Pennies
Chapter 151: Jesus Speaks To Some Gentiles, and God Speaks to Jesus
Chapter 152: Praise Jesus in All His Glory!
Chapter 153: The Human God

Part 27: Jesus' Prophecy of the Temple Destruction, the Tribulation, the End Times, His Second Coming, the Ten Virgins

Chapter 154: Jesus Prophesies the Destruction of the Temple and the End Times
Chapter 155: Jesus Prophecies the Tribulation
Chapter 156: Signs of Christ’s Return
Chapter 157: The Ten Virgins
Chapter 158: Parable of the Wise and Foolish Workers
Chapter 159: Separation of the Caring from the Uncaring by Yeshua Messiah, King of All Nations

Part 28: The Last Supper Passover Communion and Judas

Chapter 160: Judah (Judas) Betrays Jesus
Chapter 161: Preparation for the Last Supper
Chapter 162: This is the Last Supper until It Is fulfilled in Heaven
Chapter 163: In Heaven, It Is the Servants Who Will Be Greatest
Chapter 164: Jesus Teaches Us to Serve One Another
Chapter 165: Jesus Announces That He Will Be Betrayed
Chapter 166: Communion in Remembrance of Jesus and the New Covenant
Chapter 167: Jesus Prophecies His Disciples Will Deny Him, and He Will Be Resurrected and Meet Them in Galilee

Part 29 Lessons Taught During the Last Supper

Chapter 168: The Only Way to Reach God
Chapter 169: Lessons on the Holy Spirit
Chapter 170: How to Receive the Love of Jesus and Bear Fruit
Chapter 171: Hatred of the World toward Christ and His Followers
Chapter 172: The Purpose of the Comforter
Chapter 173: Jesus Explains the Disciples’ Future
Chapter 174: Jesus Prays for His Followers

Part 30: Jesus' Agony, Judas Iscariot's Kiss, Stands Trial before Pontius Pilate

Chapter 175: Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane
Chapter 176: Jesus Betrayed by Judas
Chapter 177: Jesus Arrested, and Denied by Peter
Chapter 178: Jesus Delivered to Pilate
Chapter 179: Judas Repents

    Part 31: The Crucifixion

     Chapter 180: “My God. My God, for this I was destined!”
     Chapter 181: The Burial of the Human God
     Chapter 182: Guarding the Tomb

Part 32: The Resurrection

 Chapter 183: "I Will Rise Again."
 Chapter 184: “I'll Be Back.”

Part 33: The Return of Jesus Christ the Son of God to Earth on the Road to Emmaus and His Ascension

Chapter 185: The Elders Bribe the Guards
Chapter 186: Two Followers on the Road to Emmaus
Chapter 187: Jesus Appears to His Disciples
Chapter 188:  Jesus Appears to the Fishers of Men
Chapter 189: “Shepherd My Sheep”
Chapter 190: Jesus Commissions and Gives Authority to the Disciples
Chapter 191: Jesus Ascends to Heaven
Chapter 192: Jesus Visits Earth
Chapter 193: Jesus Christ the Human God

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