History of Jesus Christ the human god

 Part 14:


 Chapter 38:

Go and Sin No More

  "Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers [Psalms 1:1 3 NIV].

 If you want to prosper during these difficult financial times or be healed of your illnesses, live a sinless life.

 After Jesus selected Matthew, it was time for the feast of the Jews, and Jesus went to Jerusalem where He taught one of His most important principles. There was a baptismal pool in Jerusalem, called Bethesda in Hebrew, meaning House of Harvest, which was supported by five columns. Many sick, blind, lame or crippled people would recline by these columns and eagerly wait because season by season an angel of God would come down for the baptism and stir up the water. Whoever was thrown into the pool first would be healed of whatever disease he or she had.

  What a miracle this was, that God, as a result of establishing their faith by shed blood from the passover155 and after providing miracles to the Jews every day for forty years after God freed them from the Egyptians156, still proved to them that He indeed exists, and loved them fourteen hundred years after all had failed to live up to God's requirements.

 There was a sick man lying down by the pool who had been sick with a foul illness for thirty-eight years. Jesus saw him and knew that he had waited for a long time; so He said to him, "Do you wish to be strengthened?" And the sick man replied, "Yes, my Lord; but when the water is stirred, no one will pick me up and throw me into the baptismal pool, and while I am struggling to get there, someone else goes down before me."

 Jesus told him, "Get up, take up your [straw] mat and get going." The man was immediately healed, and he got up and picked up his quilt and walked. This was on a Sabbath.

 The Jews saw the man carrying his mat; so they told the man that this is the Sabbath and it is not lawful for you to carry your mat. The man said, "He who healed me told me to take up my mat and go." So the Jews asked who it was that told him to do that. The healed man did not know who it was; because Jesus was mixed in with the large crowd there.

 After a while, Jesus found the healed man in the temple, and He said to him, "Behold, you are healed. Now do not sin any more lest something worse might happen to you than what happened before." And the man went away and told the Jews that it was Jesus that healed him.157

 Jesus never said, "Go and sacrifice an animal to pay for your sins." God is perfect love, is never angry or wants vengeance for our sins. We either follow Jesus and love or separate ourselves from God by sinning and not loving. Mankind never learned this lesson, not even you and I and most other Christians. After Jesus taught us to love one another and treat one another as we would have them treat us158, Christians have created a most shameful, disgraceful and horrible record of travesty against one another that we are a disgrace to the non-Christian world.  

 After Peter established the Christian church; the Popes to follow committed the most heinous crimes, putting anyone to death who dared question their authority, burning millions alive. They subverted the meaning of the scripture and forbade their followers to even possess a Bible, having their followers worship idols of Mary and crucifixes instead of Jesus, set themselves up as God's only intermediaries contrary to Jesus' teaching, murdered their illicit children, established the concept of purgatory that was never taught by Jesus, made laws for extracting money from their followers, instituted the worship of idols and many other abominable sins.

 Christian kings broke every commandment given by God in greedy wars, killing their neighbors, spouses, children and friends to further their power, wealth and other immoral goals. In 1231 Pope Gregory IX founded the ecclesiastical court for the prosecution of heresy. Inquisitors then sought out anyone who opposed or denied papal doctrines or interpretations of the Scriptures. In 1252 inquisitors began torture as well as death by fire.

 Spanish and other Christians came from the Old World to the newly discovered America to make Christians of the Native Americans who were a peaceful, loving people who at first accepted the visitors in a spirit of love and comradeship that puts all Christians to shame. Christopher Columbus was a saintly man compared to those who followed him. The Christians who came after Columbus murdered, raped and made slaves of the Native Americans who had received them so warmly. America was suitably named after a shrewd, audacious and unscrupulous fake, Amerigo Vespucci instead of the saintly Columbus. The names of the Christian emissaries of Spanish King Ferdinand, Gaspar Cortereal, Vasquez D'Allyon, Francisco Pizzaro, Alonzo de Ojeda, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Hernando Cortez, Panfilo Narvaez, Hernando De Soto and a host of others are indelibly written down in history as the cruelest of all missionaries of Christianity.

 French who became Protestants were known as Huguenots. On August 23 24, 1572, inspired by the Catholic heads of the House of Guise, about three thousand Huguenots were killed in Paris alone and this tragety spread into the provinces. Then in 1585 King Louis the Fourteenth began the cruelest torments of the Huguenots to attempt them to convert to Catholicism. About ten thousand perished at the stake and other places of torture and about two hundred thousand were forced into exile, while another 300,000 fled the country.

 One of the religious zealots was "Bloody Mary", Mary Tudor, Queen of England (1553 58). During her five-year reign, in her zeal to re-establish papal authority and restore Catholicism to England, she caused about three hundred Protestants to be burned alive. This is not the way our Lord Jesus taught us to convert people to follow Him. In Mark 9:38 - 40 when John told Jesus that the disciples saw someone who does not follow them casting out demons in Jesus' name, Jesus replied, "Do not forbid him . . . for he who is not against us is on our side (NKJV).

 One of the worst was Pope Alexander VI who in 1478 at the request of Queen Isabella I of Spain, conducted the most vicious, unconscionable tortures ever devised by men during the Spanish Inquisition. During this time, protestants had their bones crushed in vices, their bodies punctured by nails in places that would not cause death, their finger nails implanted with spikes and then torn off, and their bodies torn apart by stretching racks, and about two thousand were burned alive. It was Queen Isabella who helped fund the voyages of Christopher Columbus. Fortunately, most Catholics are now sin-repentant Christians.

 In Salem, Massachusetts from 1688 to 1693, beginning with a Christian Minister who wrongly accused other Christians of witchcraft, Christians accused their friends, spouses and other relatives, simply to escape being accused themselves until nineteen persons had been hanged, one killed by being pressed to death, fifty-five had been tortured or frightened into confession, one hundred and fifty imprisoned, and two hundred others were named as suspects.

 By the beginning of the eighteenth century, the French in Canada had converted many Indians to Christianity. They then induced the Indians to go down to New England and brutally murder the English Christians.159

 Such was the founding of the greatest Christian country on earth. Even so, millions of good Christians came to America for the sole purpose of freedom to love, worship and obey Jesus without being persecuted. These honest and sincere Christians made America the greatest nation on earth.

 Then, beginning about 1950, evolutionists, communists, socialists and atheists in America gained control of our legal system. They distorted the Constitution to falsely mean that worship according to Christianity and Judaism could not be permitted in any government activity, such as public schools. Islam, witchcraft, communism, free sex, homosexuality and situation ethics were taught instead, with condoms passed out to any students who wanted them. This is completely contrary to the original intent of the Constitution that the government could not dictate a state religion as in the countries from which they fled. See

The US Constitution and the Supreme Court Separation of Church and State.

 As a result, morality greatly declined. An enormous increase in crime, drugs, homosexuality and the resultant millions of deaths from AIDS, the killing of sixty million unborn or partial birth babies, the promotion of cloning and euthanasia resulted. Instead of being the most prosperous nation in the world, the United States quickly became the most indebted nation in the world.

 The History of the World is one nation after another attacking, killing, torturing, raping, pillaging and taking other nations. The solution to the History of the World is worldwide Christianity. Christianity has mostly spread by Christians being tortured and killed for their faith. Many of us prefer to spread Christianity by donating to those who are willing to be tortured and killed for their faith.  

 Moslems believe that the solution to the History of the World is worldwide Islam, but their tactics in achieving it are no different than the History of the World. In contrast, Christianity is a religion of "love your enemies". Yet how many Christians or Christian nations have followed their religion?

  The actions of Christians given above were only a few examples of acts of those whom Jesus told to go and sin no more. Let us not point our fingers at others but let us look at ourselves, who after receiving answers to our fervent prayers immediately go out and commit more sins. Then we wonder why worse things happen to us than what happened before. Jesus gave us simple rules to live by, but "Go and sin no more" is the most difficult for all of us to follow. We should hang our heads in shame after all that God and His Son have done for us.

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