History of Jesus Christ the human god

Part 15:

The Son of God

Chapter 39:

Jesus Reveals That He is God's Son

 "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, but the world did not believe it. [John 1:14, 11]"

 Because Jesus healed the sick man at the Pool of Bethesda on a Sabbath, the Jews hated Jesus and wanted to kill Him.

 Jesus told them, "My Father works even now", referring to the stirring of the waters, "so I also work". Then the Jews wanted to kill Him even more, not only because he was weakening the Sabbath, but because He referred to God as His Father, making Himself equal with God (See Philippians 2:58.).

 Jesus replied, "I tell you that a son can do nothing of his own accord except what he sees his father doing, for what the father does, this is what the son also does." Jesus was referring to the tradition of the Jews, that the fathers always train their sons in their own trade.

 Then, referring to Himself, He said, "The Father loves His Son, and He shows him everything that He does; and He will show him even greater works than these so that you may marvel.

 "For just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, so also His Son gives life to those whom he pleases. The Father does not judge any man, but has entrusted all judgment to His Son so that every man should honor His Son, just as I honor my Father. He who does not honor God's Son, does not honor the Father who sent him.

 "I tell you truthfully that he who hears my words and believes Him who sent me160 has eternal life; and he does not come before the judgment, but passes from death to life."

Note this most important teaching of Jesus; the most important in the entire Bible for that matter: He who believes that God sent Jesus has eternal life; and he does not come before the judgment, but passes from death to life. Listen to what Jesus says and believe God's prophesies concerning Jesus, and you escape judgment and pass directly into eternal life! What could be easier?

 "The truth is that now and in the future," Jesus continued, "the dead will hear my voice, the Son of God; and those who hear it will live again."

This prophecy is fulfilled in Chapter 64 when Jesus tells a 12-year old dead girl to arise and she does, and again in Chapter 123 when He tells dead Lazarus to come out of his tomb, and he did.

"As my Father has life through His Trinity, so has He given His Son that same life through His Trinity. He has given me the authority to execute judgment also, because I am not only the Son of God, but also a human being [Son of the Holy Ghost and of His mother, Mary].  Do not wonder about this; for the time is coming and is here now, when all those who are in their graves will hear my voice.161 They will come out; those who have done good works to the resurrection of eternal life; and those who have done evil works to be condemned to judgment.162 

 "I can do nothing by myself, but what I hear I judge, and my judgment is righteous and just; because I do not seek my own will, but the will of Him who sent me. If I testify on my own behalf, my testimony is not sincere.

 "You went to John, and he testified the truth on my behalf, and I know that it is a true testimony concerning me. I did not need any testimony from men; but I am telling you this so that you may be saved.

 "John was a lamp which burned and gave light, and you were willing to delight in his light for a little while. I have a greater testimony than John gave you; I do the works that my Father gave me to finish, and these very works testify that the Father has sent me to you.

 "Not only that, the Father who sent me testified concerning me163 but you never even heard His voice nor saw His presence. His word does not abide in you, because you do not even believe in him whom He sent.

 "Your hope is in the Scriptures, thinking that if you trust in them you have eternal life; yet the Scriptures testify concerning me. Still you do not come to me so that you will have eternal life.

 "We are not nourished by any praise from men. I know you well, and the love of God is not in you. I came in the name of my Father and you did not accept me. If someone else comes in his own name, you will receive him. How can you have faith when you accept praise and devotion from one another, but you do not want the grace from the one and only God? 

 "What! Do you think I will accuse you before the Father? I don't have to, there is someone else who will accuse you; that person is Moses, in whom you have your hope. If you had only believed in Moses, you would also have believed in me because he wrote about me. If you do not believe his writings, how can you believe what I say? 164

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 Chapter 40:

Lord of the Sabbath

 When God finished creating the earth, He rested on the seventh day, and gave us a law that we should also rest on the Sabbath in honor of His creation. The Jews and others still rest on the Sabbath today. God's Son freed us of this law. Just as God provided the flowers, the plants and animals, the mountains and streams for our benefit and enjoyment, so did God provide the Sabbath for us to rest and be refreshed for the work of the week ahead.

 The same Sabbath that Jesus healed the sick man, His disciples became hungry.  They walked through the wheat fields squeezing the ears of grain or rubbing them between their hands and eating it.

 When some Pharisees saw this, they said to Jesus, "Look what they are doing on the Sabbath. That is unlawful!"

 Jesus answered, "Have you not read what David did when he and those who were with him were hungry? He went into the temple of God when Avitar was high priest and ate the bread loaves of offering that was on the table and consecrated for the LORD and gave it to those who were with him. This was not lawful for him or those who were with him to eat; it was only lawful for the high priests. Have you not read that the high priests in the temple disregard the Sabbath and yet are held blameless? I am telling you that there is one here who is greater than the temple. If you only knew what it means 'I want mercy and not sacrifice {Micah 6:68], you would not condemn those who are blameless.

 "Humans were not made for the sake of the Sabbath. The Sabbath was made for the sake of human beings, and the Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath."165

 Jesus taught us that the Sabbath is for our use; thus rest if we need it, eat if we need it, or even work if necessary. Those who follow Jesus are also lords of the Sabbath.

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 Chapter 41:

We Should Do Good on the Sabbath

 After the scribes and Pharisees watched Jesus' disciples pick wheat and eat it on the Sabbath, they followed them to their synagogue, and Jesus taught there. There was a man there whose hand was withered, and the scribes and Pharisees watched to see if He would heal again on the Sabbath, thinking to ask Him if it is lawful to heal on the Sabbath, so that they could accuse Him.

 Just as Jesus knows all your thoughts, Jesus knew what they were thinking, and He said to the man with the withered hand, "Stand up and come to the center of the synagogue." When the man came, Jesus said to the scribes and Pharisees, "What is it lawful to do on the Sabbath, that which is good, or that which is evil? Should I give life to a soul, or send someone to oblivion? If one of you had only one sheep and it fell into a pit on the Sabbath, would you not take hold of it and pull it out? How much more important is a man than a sheep? It is therefore lawful to do good things on the Sabbath, is it not?"

 The scribes and Pharisees were silent, and Jesus looked at them with anger and sadness because of the hardness of their hearts. Still looking at the scribes and Pharisees, He said to the man, "Stretch out your hand."

 The man stretched out his hand and it was restored and he regained sensation just like his other hand. The Pharisees were filled with rage and bitterness and discussed among themselves what to do with Him. They immediately went out with those in the service of Herod the king and discussed with them how they could do away with Jesus.166

 Jesus knew their plans, so He left there, and a great crowd of people followed Him and He healed them all and He told them not to tell where He was. Then what the prophet Isaiah said was fulfilled167, "Behold My Servant with whom I am pleased, My Beloved One, in whom My soul rejoices; I will put My Spirit upon Him, and He will preach about Judgment to the nations. He will not argue nor cry aloud. No man will hear His voice in the streets. He will not even crush a delicate reed or extinguish a flickering lamp until justice is triumphant, and the Gentiles will find hope in His name."168

 Jesus went down to the sea with His disciples, and He was followed by a great crowd from Galilee, Judea, Jerusalem and Idumea [Iomea], and from the crossing of the Jordan River and Tyre and Sidon. These people had heard everything He was doing, so they came to Him and wanted to touch Him and hear everything He said. He was healing so many that others pushed toward Him and would have pushed Him into the sea to get at Him.

 Because the crowds were so great, He told His disciples to bring Him a boat so the crowd would not overwhelm Him. When they brought it, He healed them from the boat. When the mentally ill saw Him, they fell down on the beach and cried out, "You are indeed that Son of God." Jesus cautioned them earnestly not to reveal Him.169

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